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God always shows up when we need Him most

God had provided! God had blessed! God had given me everything I needed to succeed in something that seemed impossible to me and everyone around me. In the hardest of times God showed up!!

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I have often found my walk with God a little lonely, I have amazing inspirational God-fearing parents who I praise the Lord for blessing me with, but I never really had any friends or people my own age to share the experience of a life lived with God in it. When I was 24 I got the opportunity to take part in a gap year project, three months in Kenya and two months in Canada. Towards the end of the Kenya leg of our trip, our challenge was to climb Mount Kenya. A few days before this happened I had developed throat ulcers by taking my anti malaria tablets one evening without following it with plenty of water which was a most painful experience. It was agonising to even swallow, which made the three day climb up the mountain all the more difficult, although my team were amazing and helped me as much as they could. The day came for us to climb to the summit and as I was woken at 3 or 4am. I felt a lot of anticipation and in my heart, due to the way I was feeling, I knew I couldn't do it. As we began our climb I began to struggle almost immediately, I had no energy and was finding it difficult to breathe. Eventually my group made the decision to go on without me, leaving me with one of our three guides. At first I attempted to keep going with the hope of catching them, however their head lights quickly disappeared out of sight. Over the next hour or so several groups passed by and each time I tried to follow them, but it didn't take long before they too had disappeared from sight. I got to a particularly ‘temperamental’ section of the mountain and found myself falling over again and again and after the sixth time of this happening I just sat on the ground in despair.

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My group had left with the small amount of food and water we had to share, I was alone with a guide who didn't speak English, trying to make my way up a mountain in the dark. I didn't have the strength or determination to keep going and I started babbling to the guide about how I just couldn't go on. When I mentioned the word water, he clearly recognised this and pulled a bottle from his backpack which he handed to me. A few moments later I saw a couple of lights bobbing up the mountain towards us which turned out to be a lone man and his guide. The latter (the guide) spoke English and he offered me an eclair sweet. As they moved on up the mountain I was determined to keep up with them. I continually ran out of steam and giving up hope, but each time, still in visibility, the man and his guide would stop too, giving me fresh determination to keep going. This continued all the way up the mountain, and the generous man also offered me a little food and drink from his flask as sustenance along the way. Eventually we came within sight of the top of the mountain and I saw my group on their descent. When I mentioned it was time to go back down, the man’s guide spoke to me about not giving up and making it to the top no matter what. So, I pushed on and I made it!!

My team continued down the mountain without me which I was a little upset about. For the duration of my descent it went over and over in my head, how could they leave me? I had no issue with them doing so on the way up, no-one believed I could make it, but on the way down I could not understand why they would leave me. The wonderful guides assisted me on the descent (towards the end, leaving the man to find his own way down). I was so grateful to them all, but so angry with my team. In time, when I had calmed down I realised this - God had provided! God had blessed! God had given me everything I needed to succeed in something that seemed impossible to me and everyone around me. In the hardest of times God showed up!! But then, the enemy had crept in to try to steal and destroy, to take away my joy and my blessing, turning something amazing into bitterness and anger. We need to remember to count our blessing, to see God's hand in all the wonders in our life, but also recognise and protect our hearts and minds from the deception of the enemy. God is good all the time and when you need Him, He will always show up. Praise God.

John 10:10 'The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’

1 Corinthians 13:7 ‘It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres’

Author:Rebekah Cronk

May God bless and enrich your life

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  1. The precious gift of faith gives us confidence that God will provide all of our needs in all circumstances. The testimony also reminds us to be on guard so that we do not allow the enemy to steal out joy, which can happen so subtly and without us even realising. Jesus defeated the enemy on the cross once and for all and the enemy has no power in our lives unless we let him in. Thank you for this wonderful testimony. God bless

  2. Thank you dear sister in christ for taking the time to Bless the Body of Christ with this awesome testimony.
    What kept going over my mind when reading the words was Psalm 23
    "The Lord is my Shephard........
    He renews my strength.....
    He protects and comforts me...."
    Praise God for that lovely man who helped you and shared his food and water.

    This testimony teaches me to be vigilant to help those in need around us. As a child of God My body is his vessels to do his work on earth and bring Glory to his magnificent name. Amen.
    ALL the Glory To God ALWAYS xxx

  3. thank you for sharing your story in this Article . after reading it I was left with a strong feeling of how God sticks with us when people let us dawn? its an AMAZING testimony . God is before us and behind us , he brings good out of the experiences of our yesterdays and prepares us for our tomorrows . We praise you Lord for blessing all the days of our life .
    ISAIAH 52:12
    the Lord will go before you and the God of ISRAEL will be your rear guard AMEN

  4. The bible tells us that in our weakness God's strength is made perfect. It also tells us He will provide all our needs. This article is a great testimony to both of those truths. When we face the mountains in our life we just need to keep pressing on knowing God is with us in every step, providing our every need and leading us to victory. To do this we need to keep our eyes fixed on the goal set before us, stay in the race and go for gold. Great blog thank you and keep going.

  5. Bless you for sharing this. Very encouraging!

  6. Thank you for this testimony. Thanks for sharing your very real feelings. The Christian walk like the acent of a mountain can be fraught with many successes and failures. All of which you overcame. However the greatest was bitterness and anger it was that that finally robbed you of your joy. Praise God you recognised it and overcame it and shared it A real lesson to us all on how vulnerable we are to bitterness and disappointment. And a clear reminder that we need to guard against them as they ruin everything. Bless you sister xx