Sunday, 7 February 2021

Let go of the Helm

If we want to live the life God wants us to lead and be guided by Him, then we have got to let go of the helm


Those of you who know me, have probably heard me, or Barbara, my wife, say that, for the first hour or so in the morning, I am on remote control. My mind doesn’t start working, in the sense of making major or even some minor decisions for that time. Barbara knows better than to ask me a question or give me an instruction or request during that time, because I will not be able to answer her properly or forget what she has said, so whatever she has asked is unlikely to get done. The plus side of this is that the Lord uses this time to talk to me. Probably because, I am in no state, to interrupt, or put my own slant on what He has to say.

A few weeks ago, one morning, I woke early and went downstairs to spend time with the Lord, but unusually, I was also seeking the Lord about the plans I had in my head for the day. Things I thought I ought to be doing, and the way I should be doing them in an ordered, timely and appropriate manner. So, seeking the Lord really, in my own planning, asking Him for guidance in the way I should fulfil my plans, which sounded good and right to me as a man. The Lord’s response was, ‘I would rather watch your house, your belongings, your ideas, and your body disintegrate. I want you to spend time with Me. Your future is with Me, not in your house, your schemes, plans and ideas.’ I felt fully reprimanded and confused by what the Lord had just said to me.

When Barbara came downstairs, I shared with her what had happened and what the Lord had said.  She decided to look at our daily readings, as, even though they were written some years ago, they are especially relevant for the time we are in now, the first reflection she shared was from Sarah Young ‘Jesus Calling’. It said as follows:

‘Remember that you live in a fallen world: an abnormal world tainted by sin.  Much frustration and failure result from your seeking perfection in this life.  There is nothing perfect in this world except Me.  That is why closeness to Me satisfies deep yearning and fills you with Joy. I have planted longing for perfection in every human heart.  This is a good desire, which I alone can fulfil.  But most people see this fulfilment in other people and earthly pleasures or achievements.  Thus, they create idols, before which they bow down.  I will have no other gods before Me! Make Me the deepest desire of your heart.  Let Me fulfil your yearning for perfection’.

These reflections were taken from: Exodus 20:31 ‘You shall have no other gods before (in hostility towards) me’ and Psalm 37:4 ‘Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.’

Barbara, went on to read from the Bible commentary, the meaning of Heart: (The centre of the human spirit, from which springs emotions, thoughts, motivations, courage, and action – “the wellspring of life”).

We realised later, that this reading was not for today (we had read the wrong reading), but in fact two days hence, (early morning lack of vision, or God’s greater vision?). The actual reading for the day was just as pertinent and relevant; ‘I want to be central in your entire being.  When your focus is firmly on Me, My Peace displaces fears and worries.  They will encircle you, seeking entrance, so you must stay alert.  Let trust and thankfulness stand guard, turning back fear before it can gain a foot hold.  There is no fear in My Love Light, while I bless you with radiant Peace. Turn your whole being to trusting and loving Me.’ (These reflections are taken from 2 Thessalonians 3:1 and I John 4:18).

We spent a long time praying, seeking the Lord, reading, and reflecting on the Word. As we did this, we began to realise, how much the world and its rhythm of life we have been brought up on, and how is has become second nature to us.  Some of these things may seem harmless and natural, but that is not how God see’s it at all.

I believe that God’s Word to me that day was a reminder that even though scripture calls upon us to be good stewards of God’s creation, including our possessions and bodies that there is a risk that they can take pride of place in our thinking, but Jesus must come first in every way every day. 

How often do we ask God to show us how to fulfil our own plans and purposes, or even worse, not include Him at all? If we want to live the life God wants us to lead and be guided by Him, then we have got to let go of the helm. It may just seem like tiny things, but how long before we start instructing God in how we live? We need to have our focus on God first and foremost in all things, big and small. We need to pray for God to help us as we need him in the centre of our lives, and for that to happen, we need to let go.

May God bless you today in your walk with Him.

Author: Eugene Dragunas

May God bless and enrich your life

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