Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Love of Jesus is for you

What God did at the cross with Jesus was an irrevocable covenant between man and God, demonstrating unconditional love. Once you surrender your life to Jesus, the irrevocable, unconditional contract is in place for eternity

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Love is a powerful force that creates dynamic consequences. There appears to be a desire for love in all of God’s creation where emotion is present. Amongst all animals human beings show the greatest desire for love. The need for love is so powerful that a person’s character is shaped by the amount of love or the lack of love that the person has received. Love, as essential as it is, can be fickle; it is far too often given conditionally which can carry serious emotional consequences.

Is there such a thing as unconditional love? If there is, how can I find it? The answer; at the time of creation, God made a provision: Jesus was sacrificed by God to provide the blood to cover our sins so that we could be presented pure and holy before Him, our God. The blood of Jesus was offered to cover our sins. For God to offer the blood of Jesus, Jesus had to die. The way God chose the death of Jesus was not an easy and painless death. God allowed all of the sin and hatred that Satan has in store for those who choose the way of the world, to be unleashed onto Jesus. His death was a brutal death unlike any other man could offer. What God did at the cross with Jesus was an irrevocable covenant between man and God, demonstrating unconditional love. Once you surrender your life to Jesus, the irrevocable, unconditional contract is in place for eternity. God loves you and He showed that love at the cross.

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The Love of Jesus – Jesus demonstrated His love for you and all of us by choosing to go to the cross for us. Jesus foreknew the pain and suffering He would go through at the cross, He foreknew the pain of every piece of flesh that would be torn from His body.  He foreknew the hurt of the whips and the rods that would pulverize His flesh, He foreknew the agony of the cross before it happened and He foreknew the personal hurt and the anguish of being temporarily separated from His Father. I know He foreknew it because He anguished close to death in the Garden of Gethsemane; Matthew 26:38 ‘Then He said to them, My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me’. I know He foreknew it because He anguished to the point of sweating drops of blood. Luke 22:44 ‘And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground’.

Yet, though He had the option to not go to the Cross He chose to do it to demonstrate His love for you. Wow. What can I say?  What can I do but to worship Him? He sacrificed His life for you and me and all of mankind. Love, the love of Jesus, is a powerful force that will have a dynamic force in your life.  Let this love of Jesus come into your life and see what will happen. Amen.

Author: David Leatherman

May God bless and enrich your life

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  1. Thank you for this article which reminds us of the awesome love of Jesus who suffered and died for our sins. As the song says; 'what a sacrifice, that saved my life, yes, the blood, it is my victory'. Thank you Father for Jesus.

  2. WOW indeed, it is a very rare thing but the article and song have left me speechless. What is there to say? I can only bow in absolute humble adoration and say "thank you God for your incredible Agape love".
    "What are mere mortals that you would think about them" Psalm 8 v 4, Psalm 144 v3.
    Thank you SO much David for Blessing the body of Christ with this Blog. ALL the Glory to God ALWAYS, Amen

  3. thank you for this powerful reminder of our fathers love .The love of Jesus Christ can break the chains of bondage and free us from bitterness and unforgiveness to walk in his love and be free to love in the way he wants us to. he broke the power of sin over us and finally reconciled us to God our father once and for all with his death upon the cross . A powerful moment in history where love won this blog is a timely reminder of that thank you x

  4. Thanks so much for reminding us today what our Lord Jesus did on the cross for us the blood he shared for us because of his unconditional Love for mankind Lord Jesus I thank you for your love for me I worship and adore and praise your holy name God bless

  5. Thank you for this wonderful blog and encouraging reminder of God's Love for us. He loves us like no other, his love is so big and unconditional that even when others fail us he never will. He loves us SO much that he died for us, wow! Thank you Lord for your unfailing, unending love x