Sunday, 10 July 2016

How forgiveness can set you free

In the midst of all of the horrendous pain and relentless suffering of the crucifixion Jesus’ thoughts turned to others, they turned to us. This is the greatest demonstration of selflessness and ultimately of love that there has ever been and that there ever will be.
The bible teaches us that we must forgive as Jesus forgave us, but what if the person we have to forgive happened to be an ex-boyfriend who physically, mentally and psychologically abused you! Can forgiveness really take place? How difficult is forgiveness and is it really worth it? The answer is yes, of course it is. Yes it’s hard, yes it’s worth it, yes God wants us to forgive because He sent his only begotten son to die on the cross, and He died for our sins. Jesus cried out to God before He died; ‘forgive them for they know not what they doing’ (Luke 23:34). Just pause for a moment to think about this. In the midst of all of the horrendous pain and relentless suffering of the crucifixion Jesus’ thoughts turned to others, they turned to us. Wow, this must be the greatest demonstration of selflessness and ultimately of love that there has ever been and that there ever will be. The bible shows us that all things are possible and in this instance we are shown that in all situations it is always possible to forgive.

Now for my testimony. One day on the way home from shopping I crossed the road and headed toward home.  As I crossed another road I noticed my ex-boyfriend (from a number of years ago) who for several years had abused me within the home, both physically and psychologically.  As I continued to cross the road I looked at him directly in the eyes and I cautiously said to him; ‘hi, how are you?’ In reply he asked if I would like him to walk me home. I felt calm and for the first time I didn’t feel like I was walking on eggshells so I agreed. He asked me questions about my current relationship to which I informed him had recently ended.   As we were talking I calmly explained to him that he had treated me very badly and that I was now living back in the safe haven of my mom and dad’s house. 

By the time we were nearing my home we were laughing and joking about silly things we had done in the past and suddenly to my surprise and without any warning he turned and said ‘Juliet I did not treat you right in the past I abused you; will you forgive me?’ Without hesitation I said ‘yes’ and then felt compelled to be honest with him. I explained to him that I had been dishonest to him as well and asked if he could also forgive me. To my delight he said ‘yes’. 

When I was asking for forgiveness I felt God speak to me saying; ‘forgive him as I forgave you of your sins.  If you don’t forgive him I cannot forgive your sins’. Obviously when my ex-boyfriend also agreed to forgive me I was elated.  He was also very happy and we both hugged and I kissed him on the cheek as we parted company. I walked away feeling as light as a feather and inexplicably happy. God had once again showed me what to do and therefore lifted my burdens. Psalm 55:22 ‘Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken’ and 1 Peter 5:7 ‘Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you’.

My conclusion is this; when I first saw my ex-boyfriend across the road I thought to myself ‘that’s strange, why is he here?’ It was as though he had been placed there. I realised that God’s hand was on this situation from the very start and that He was providing an opportunity for me to be able to forgive and to also experience forgiveness.  In the words of Jesus himself; Matthew 6: 14-15 ‘For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins’.  I have felt comfort, peace, tranquillity and awesomely calm ever since God provided me with this opportunity. Amen. 

Dear Lord, there is a lot of un-forgiveness in the World. Lord I pray that we can find strength, love and patience for one another. I pray that we forgive each other in the way you forgave us. Lord I pray for our enemies as well as our friends, family and whoever we need to forgive. Lord may we be able to say ‘I am sorry please forgive me’, as well as being able to say ‘I forgive you’.  I pray that you can soften the hearts of the people who have hardened their heart. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Ephesians 4:32 ‘Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you’.

Author: Juliet Jones 

May God bless and enrich your life

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  1. A wonderful message which reminds us of the ultimate act of forgiveness by our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your testimony and God bless

  2. "WOW" thanks for sharing your testimony and I pray God will Bless me with a forgiving heart like his Son Jesus. Your testimony highlights how we get Blessed when we forgive because we are set free from anger and bitterness. Praise God and ALL the Glory to God ALWAYS, Love sister Tina

  3. wonderful how God gave you the opportunity to put forgiveness into practice , Thank you for helping us see how forgiveness can set us free? This is a heart warming and encouraging story of how we can be brave and let our father God change us from within well done x

  4. Thank God for that precious words that remind us when we forgive so he forgive God bless Herbie and

  5. Very brave but much needed testimony that will speak to the hearts of many including myself. Thank you, God bless x


  6. That's an amazing testimony. It shows a heart that's willing to be surrendered to God even in the midst of great pain. It's not always easy to forgive others especially when they have caused us so much pain, but it's the only way we can be truly free. God bless you for showing such maturity, grace and a willingness to obey the words and commands of Jesus.